+ Specific +

Bayleef & Meganium: Leafysaurs!

Ho-oh: My largest collection! Gotta love the giant rainbow sparkleturkey!

Mudkip & Swampert: U herd I liek Mudkips? U herd correctly! I also like Swampert, so some Swampy stuff might creep in here.

Mew: My second largest collection after Ho-oh :)

Chatot: I love parrots; I love music; Chatot is a music-note parrot; 'nuff said.

+ General +

Pokedolls: The cute, small plush from the Pokedoll line.

Zukan: Figures that are in true-scale with each other.

Plush: General Pokemon plush.

Coins: Shiny!

Other Figures: Figures and other random things that were left over.

Mini-Collections: Any Pokemon that I have a fair few pieces of but don't intend to actually collect or have a big collection of, or just Pokemon that I've felt the need to single out! Herein lies Raichu & Starly/Staraptor/Staravia, for the moment.